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From Bits to Atoms

September 29, 2018

San Francisco artist-duo Can Buyukberber and Yagmur Uyuanik create a new visual language using light and sound with digital mapping and architectural space.


Continuum, Laser etching on acrylic sheets, 8x10x20", 2016. Image courtesy of Yagmur Uyuanik.



Turkish power duo Yagmur Uyanik and Can Buyukberber presented a new body of works entitled From Bits to Atoms. Developed while pursuing their MFA from San Francisco Art Institute, these bits and atoms were also featured in a solo show at R/SF, a local and emerging alternative art space known for its vivacity in organizing contemporary art happenings.


I-PAT, audiovisual installation, 40x40x20" + 6 min, audiovisual loop, 2015. Image courtesy of Can Buyukberber 


The series consists of 5 individual pieces, along with a complimentary sixth piece entitled I=PAT, all of which incorporate sound, light, an artistic rendering of concepts found within the subject of physics (such as space-time) and a sensational collapsing between the physical and virtual realms. Uyanik’s architectural background meets Buyukberber’s background in digital visual arts and the union of the two results in a little bang of an alternative plane, once inhabiting the space of R/SF. The high levels of intellect put into this body of work compliments such historical figures within architecture and science as Buckminster Fuller and Albert Einstein. The geodesic dome composing I=PAT articulates many things for us – an alien planet, our own cerebral mechanisms, the floating cities Fuller once dreamed of. The dome also offers an alternative option to the ways in which we think, perceive and communicate. As seen in the piece entitled Continuum, an image is translated and transformed across several layers, connected by a beam of light. A digital drawing becomes a physical object through the process of etching. A permanent mark is made onto a physical surface from a digital source. “A conceptual language” is the ending result.


 Morphogenesis, Audio/Visual Piece for Fulldome and Virtual RealityEnvironment, Geodesic Dome and Gear VR, 6 min. Collaborative piece, 2016. Image courtesy of the artists

 Vanishing Point, Electroluminescent wires, 120x100x100, light installation, collaborative piece, 2016. Image courtesy of the artists.




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